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Nike: Leave Your Mark

Promotional Design Experiential Design • Motion Graphics • Poster Design • ​3D Modeling • Advertising • Shoe Design • Retail Design • Social Media

Concept and Inkblots were done in collaboration with Samantha Beurer



To connect sports fans, players and Nike. 


People look up to athletes as role models and love to feel as if they're on the team and in the game


Give Nike followers and sports fans the chance to feel closer to the players by allowing them to participate in this campaign from start to finish. 


Peak interest in the campaign from the start by inviting followers to vote for which players they would like to see participate in the campaign using Instagram Story Polls and #LeaveYourMark.


The players with the highest votes will practice their sport with ink-soaked balls. The result of this will then be turned into shoe patterns.

bball copy.png

The patterns will also be used in out-of-home advertising to promote the shoes

posters mockup.png

The Leave Your Mark collection will be launched at a pop-up shop in a major city. Here people can either purchase merchandise from the line or they can leave their own mark


Visitors can choose to leave their own mark by playing tennis, basketball, or soccer on one of our Interactive LED floor systems. When the ball hits the screens ink splatters will appear. When participants are done, their creation will be uploaded and ready to view on shoes. 

event Update.jpg

Participants can use their phones to connect to our interactive displays where they can preview their designs and customize the colors of their new shoes in real-time. This is made possible by using transparent monitors to act as the case so that you can still see the shoe behind the screen.

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 5.31.58 PM.png
display gif.gif

Programs Used

Illustrator  •  Photoshop  •  SketchUp  •  Maya  •  Rhinoceros  •  After Effects 

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