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Spotify: Music Makes The Drive

Experiential Design • Motion Graphics • Advertising • Promotional Design • ​3D Modeling • Poster Design • Social Media


To get people in the US to think about listening to Spotify in the car.


40% of all music listening in the US happens in the car however, most people don't think about using Spotify in the car because they're stuck in the habit of listening to the radio.


Spotify will hold an immersive car wash experience that will remind people that driving can be relaxing and fun with the right music, and mark Spotify as an essential part of every drive. 

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After the initial buzz from the surprise experiences, Spotify will begin opening them up more to the public using a scavenger hunt. The Music Makes the Drive car will travel around the country. The Spotify Instagram account will update hints every day to encourage participants to get out and find the car.

instagram mockup.jpg

If the user is listening to Spotify while near a Music Makes The Drive car, the Spotify app will notice when the user and the car have matching locations and will send a notification that allows the user to access the location of the car wash experience and also offers a free month of Spotify Premium.

CAR Mock-Up.jpg

To further entice people to listen to Spotify in the car, we will also launch the Music Makes the Drive playlist. Activating this playlist will allow the Spotify app to connect with the user's phone location and automatically match the content on the playlist to the sights of their drive location.

Programs Used

Illustrator  •  Photoshop  •   Maya  •  After Effects  •  Premiere Pro

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