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The Odyssey Theme Park


Calypso’s Spin,

Escape the Cyclops Cave Coaster

Mount Olympus Coaster

Ailos’ Wind Bag swings

The Trojan Fall

Sycalla Splash log flume

Carybdis Whirl-Pool

Siren’s Wrath Rapids

Rides: Cyclops Cave Escape



The ride opens with the passengers entering uphill into the cave. Shadows of Odysseus and his men are dancing and drinking by a fire. The sound of music and cheer is heard.

The huge shadow of the cyclops appears. Passengers hear his grunting as he “pushes” the cart down a hill. The vehicle proceeds to go up and down small hills and turns. The sound is of large footsteps and the cyclops yelling. 

The shadows show Odysseus tricking the cyclops into drinking some wine and going to sleep, the passenger then see the cyclops asleep 

The cart stops abruptly seeing the stone covering the exit. The stone is moved and the passengers are sent down the largest drop yet. The sound of the frustrated cyclops follows them down. 

Food ideas

Cyclops Eye Cake Pops

 Lotus Flower Cupcakes

Circe’s Pulled Pork and Island seating area

Wind Bag Cotton Candy

Greek God Cafe

Dine at Odysseus’ House.

Cotton Candy Wind Bag

Scan 19.jpeg

Cyclops Eye Cake Pop Stand


Lotus Cupcake

Scan 20.jpeg

Game Ideas

Shoot an arrow to win Penelope’s heart

Pop the balloons to blind Polypemus


Meet the Greek Gods

Siren Goncert

Storytime with Odysseus

Helio’s Petting Zoo

Odysseus Costume

Circe Costume

Scan 15.jpeg
Scan 17.jpeg

Siren Costume

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