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San Junipero: The Black Mirror Musical

Promotional Design • Experiential Design • Motion Graphics • Poster Design • ​3D Modeling/Printing • Advertising • Illustration



Bring the San Junipero experience to broadway.


San Junipero is a fan-favorite episode of Black Mirror because of a more positive nature however, not all is quite as it seems.

Poster on textured wall.png

To bring attention to the poster, it will be accompanied by screens that will live stream the other side of the bus stop. This is so that when the crack appears at the same time as the one on the poster people think that glass is really breaking and are forced to pay attention to the poster.

A mail out piece that would appear to be sent from "TCKR Systems" inviting people to come visit San Junipero.


A 360-Degree Video where people can interact with the virtual San Junipero world and preview the songs from the new musical

bar vr.png
bar vr2.png

Using fiber optic lights to mimic the TCKR systems vault. When guests are in the lobby they are in TCKR Systems, when the take their seats and the show begins they are in San Junipero.


To keep with the digital theme, the set of will be constructed of low poly models that will be projected upon. 

The only scene of this story where we see the real world is when the couple meets in the hospital, therefore the hospital scene will be the only one where traditional set and prop design is used. 

Asset 1.png

Programs Used

Illustrator • Photoshop • Maya • After Effects • Premiere Pro • Blender • Heavy M

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