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Odyssey Park

This is an exploration in theme park concept design based on Homer's The Odyssey

Entrance copy.jpg

Aeolus' Wind Bag Ride. This ride would be more so for kids, it would be a take on the classic swing ride with an overlay dedicated to Aeolus.


The Escape the Cyclops ride would be a coaster dark ride where riders join Odysessues's crew and join him as he enters the cave and defeats Polyphemus

Other Ride Concepts in progress:

Other Ride Concepts in progress:

Calypso’s Spin- Step onto the island of Ogygia and fall under the trance of Calypso as she sings and spins you around on this fun-filled flat ride.

Mount Olympus Coaster- Travel up and around the mountain and enter the world of the gods on this thrilling coaster. 

Sycalla Splash Log Flume- Fall into Sycalla's lair on this log flume ride as you try to escape the six-headed monster.

Charybdis Whirlpool- Get swept up into a storm and Charybdis in this water ride that mimics a whirpool

Some food concepts and an example of how most of the carts would look. 


Other restaurants:

The Greek God Cafe

A quick-service spot where guests can enjoy Greek sandwiches, wraps, salads, and other light bites

Dine at Odysseus’ House

Here guests can enjoy a gourmet Greek meal and even get a chance to see Odysseus and hear him share a story of his adventures.

Circe’s Pulled Pork and Island seating area

Join Circe on her island and enjoy some classic barbeque favorites.

Costume concepts for character meet and greets.


Game Concepts:

Shoot an arrow to win Penelope's heart

Pop the balloon and blind Polyphemus


Meet the Greek Gods 

Enjoy the enchanting voices of the sirens in the Siren Concert

Hear more of his tales at Storytime with Odysseus 

Visit animals at Helio's Petting Zoo

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